Monday, November 17, 2008

Spot the difference (Sunday 16/11 at 1pm)

This morning we got up a bit later (around 9.30am), had showers, breakfast and another walk around Abingdon.

Crispin has taken some more photos of our B & B which we found out from Joy last night is on one of the oldest streets in Abingdon. The floors certainly are creaky when people are walking around upstairs but it adds character and we certainly both managed to get a good nights sleep even though the bed is only a double (helped that we didn't have to share with copious furry friends lol).

There is a kitchen here and a washing machine so we have taken the opportunity to wash some clothes. We had to supply our own washing powder so we went to Somerfield's again today to get some. When we were looking for a supermarket yesterday we got all excited as we saw a Woolworths but Woolworths in England is not like Woolworths in NZ, which we discovered very quickly....we walked in and saw some drinks etc so thought, yes this is looked good but then turned the corner discovered that Woolworths in England is a lot more like Farmers in NZ lol...we were in luck though as Somerfields was just next door and this IS a supermarket.

Crispin is currently looking through the Britain heritage pass book to mark places we want to go, and of course as we bought for the British Heritage Pass entry to all properties in the book is free - it's well worth the money we paid for them!!

We are about to head over to Joy and Fred's again (I am typing the blog now but will actually update it once we get there - as we have no internet access from the B & B) and we stopped at the lovely patiesserie just a few doors down and got a lovely chocolate meringue cake to take for dessert tonight.

Joy and Fred got married here in Abingdon about 23 years ago and the church is still here - take a look!

Tomorrow we head back to Oxford - at least the taxi ride should be less stressful this time - then coach back to Central London - hopefully the coach will not have oven aspirations again! Then we will head to Harpenden where the Just Go company ( will pick us up and take us to their depot to collect the motorhome :o) We are not sure if we will get a coach or train to Harpenden, coaches here are much cheaper than the train and obviously all our luggage is much easier to handle when we can store it under the bus.

Right, well better get ourselves organised to head to Joy and Fred's, for what I am sure will be another delicious dinner!

Sweetie :o)

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  1. Harpenden is also a very nice town...very rich in history...I wanna visit there again someday...