Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Snow this morning (Monday 24 Nov at 9am)

Well it's not so cold this morning and there was no snow last night - damn it, I wanted to stand outside and feel the snow falling - not for long mind you but just for the experience :o( Oh well, there is still the journey back to Edinburgh this afternoon and of course Edinburgh itself so it may still happen.

Not much to update since last night as we ended up going to bed for a rest at 6pm and then just sleep through until this morning! Must have been tired!

Nice and warm again last night, though we did have the heater that Just Go provided to us going most of the night and woke up a couple of times to check if it had been snowing.

I can't believe this is our second week in the motorhome - it's all wizzing by so fast but Crispin is taking lots of photos and we have lots of little souvenirs to remind us of our trip.

We are going to have some breakfast and head back to Loch Ness soon, was really annoyed that they wouldn't let us in to Urquhart Castle yesterday afternoon because they made an exception for a tour group and then would not let us in - simply ignored me knocking on the window! I will be providing feedback to them this morning - in my mind if you make an exception for some it should be for all, especially as we were standing outside and saw them do it!! I am also hoping to get down to the shores of Loch Ness this morning so I can call Nessie some more - so far she is being elusive lol.

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