Friday, November 14, 2008

Hong Kong!

Arrived safe in Hong Kong, got about another half hour before we have to re-board the plane.

Dramas with the flight from Welly: first, the plane was late arriving, so it was late leaving. We didn't start boarding until 30 minutes after we were supposed to have left. Then, as we're going through Gate 10, they stop boarding because of an electrical fault. So far, not building a lot of confidence. Then, once we're aboard, we find that the row we had to ourselves is filled with people from another flight who got shoved onto ours. 45 minutes after the flight was originally supposed to leave, we push back from the gate. The flight itself was fine, apart from being squished, and a little turbulence coming into Auckland. Finally, as we're waiting to get off the plane, I glance out the window and see the ground crew unloading a coffin!

Once we got to Auckland, we got to meet Sue, Dave and Yogi (piccies here and here). Sweetie loves Yogi, and Yogi seemed to like the toy we brought him (that blue thing in his mouth).

After spending a couple of hours with them (thanks for helping us to pass the time, and taking us to the international terminal!), pre-ordered our duty free (getting 20% discount on the alcohol, on top of the specials they already had) and boarded the 747.

[Note from Sweetie: Sharie -- two bottles of Absolut for $55 less 20%, Renee -- Feijoa 42 Below for $37.50 less 20%... ain't I a star!]

Only a few minutes late leaving Auckland, just before midnight. The flight was long, but comfortable (we had the middle row of 4 seats for just the two of us), with dinner and breakfast, copious amounts of water, and individual TV screens (Binky watched Tropic Thunder and The Dark Knight; Sweetie watched Hancock, Baby Mamma, and Madagascar). We both managed to doze for a couple of hours, but thanks to the anti-jet lag pills, we're feeling okay... so far.

Next stop -- London.


  1. It sounds pretty exciting!

    Lea White

  2. oh was so awesome meeting up with you both in Auckland,
    your both so awesome and really hope you have an awesome holiday.

    love and hugs
    sue,dave and yogi