Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meeting the Family (Sunday 16/11 at 11pm)

Well we had a lovely dinner at Joy and Fred's again and got to meet Richard (Joy's oldest? son), Tracey (Richard's partner), Antonia (Tracey's daughter), Sophie (Richard's daughter) and Richard junior (Richard's son). Quite a lot of Crispin's family in one room - trust me!! Pictures are already attached to the photostream.

Crispin was able to download some old family photos he had of his grandparents (Joy's parents) and their children when they were younger from his Flickr account to Joy's computer which was great as she did not have copies of these pictures. We also e-mailed copies to Yvonne (Joy's daughter) and I taught Joy how to attach photos to e-mails :o)

It was a great night and Joy had already found homes for the New Zealand picture book (Craig Potton photos), paua shell and glass koru

figure we had given her and Fred yesterday - it was lovely to see them already on display :o)

I really like Joy and Fred, they are very easy to talk to and we all got on marvellously straight away, no awkwardness at all - and as Joy said to one of her friends over the phone this afternoon - it's like we have known each other for ages!

Well best away to bed now at we need to be up early in the morning to repack everything and have breakfast before we head out to get a taxi to Oxford around 9am.

Good night all, or morning as it will be in NZ.

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