Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family & Friends (Saturday 29 November)

Today we had a relaxing day catching up with friends for lunch - Rachelle and Lee - and then family for dinner - my cousin Cassandra, her husband Sianon and their gorgeous wee Miniature Schnauser called Buster Brown!

We did have a few adventures on the trains to get to Rachelle and Lee - my fault I admit - but we got there in the end and only about 30 mins late :o) We had a lovely lunch in a "chain" English Pub called "The Asparagus" in Clapham with them and it was great to be able to catch up with them both. I met Rachelle and Lee through AMP but Lee also used to work at DIA with Crispin - small world aye!

We then made our way to Northfields to catch up with Cassandra and Sianon. We also got to meet Jill, their flatmate and friend, and the gorgeous Buster Brown - he is SOOOO cute and playful (even at 3 and a half), he reminds me of Merlin only about 1/6th of the size. We had a wonderful meal put together by Sianon, Cassandra and Jill and got to watch Cassandra and Sianon's wedding DVD which was awesome as Crispin and I had been unable to attend their wedding earlier this year.

We had a great time catching up and it was great to just sit and talk for a while as well as get lots of cuddles from Buster - I challenge you to look at his photos and disagree that he is the cutest puppy ever (apart from Summer and Merlin of course).

We got back to the Caravan Park about 12.30pm and pretty much went straight to bed!

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  1. The "adventures" Juliette referred to involved getting from Abbey Wood to Clapham Junction. We got the first part right: taking the Southeastern train from Abbey Wood to Waterloo (East).

    From there we should have walked to Waterloo, and caught a South West Trains service to Clapham Junction.

    Instead, Juliette directed us to the Underground, where we got on a Northern line train. Of course, Clapham Junction is not on the Northern line, but Clapham North, Clapham Common, and Clapham South are. Juliette figured that was close enough, and we got out at Clapham North.

    We pulled out Betty to get directions to Rachelle & Lee's place, and we told we were still over two miles away! So we wandered down the High Street for a bit, till we found a bus that went to Clapham Junction. From there, we had a five minute walk to their place.

    Fortunately, the travel cards we have allow us to jump on-and-off trains and buses.