Monday, November 17, 2008

Abingdon Adventures! (Sat 15/11 at 11pm)

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Well the first half of today was definitely challenging!!

We managed well getting to Victoria Coach Station for our bus to Oxford and no real dramas there....but the bus left late, the heating was on way too high and the bus was full so by the time we got to Oxford we well and truely wanted off that bus!!!

We managed to find the taxi stand relatively easily - it cost about double what I expected but with 3 large suitcases there was no way were we going to try and manage on a public bus. The taxi ride was where the fun really began...the taxi driver and Crispin had a bit of a miscommuncation and for some reason the taxi driver thought that once he got us to Abingdon town centre we would be able to give him directions from there and of course although we could give the driver the address he was Oxford based so had no idea where that was. Luckily he had a map and after much frustration we managed to get to where we needed to be...and even more luckily (although we were 2 hours later than I said we would be) someone was still here to let us in (the owners are not normally around in the afternoons).

The Bed and Breakfast ( is lovely, and much less cramped than the hotel, so we were very pleased to finally get here and settle in.

With all the above goings on the other concern was that we had been trying to call Crispin's aunt and uncle (Joy and Fred) since Friday afternoon when we arrived in London and there was still no answer when we called several times on Saturday morning and the afternoon. After a little shopping and a quick walk around Abingdon central we decided to just head on over to Joy and Fred's and see if they were there. Just as well we did this because it turned out something was wrong with their phone and they were wondering why we had not called them!

Anyway, we managed to get the phone sorted and had a wonderful afternoon/evening with Joy and Fred and a lovely dinner. It was great to finally meet them both and for Crispin to be able to talk about his grandparents with Joy. Tomorrow night we are having dinner with them again and Crispin's cousin Richard is coming along with 2 of his children - it is so nice for us to be able to meet them too and we are both looking forward to it :o)

Crispin is already fast asleep but I seem to have adjusted much more quickly - though I do tend to have slightly off sleeping patterns anyway so I'm probably more used to it.

Well best away to bed myself - Lea you were right, this blogging thing is addictive!!

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