Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Levin and back

The dogs have been dropped off at Glenys' just outside Levin, and now the house feels really empty. :-(

All the cats are inside, and they can't get out so we won't have a repeat of the last trip to the vets, when Chloe decided she'd vanish, and we had to make an appointment for the following weekend. Milo's got a bit of cabin fever already, and picking on Otis, but it's only a matter of time before he gets a taste of his own medicine. Chloe, meanwhile, is colouring all our towels dark gray.

Last minute laundry, and time to start packing.

(BTW: Anonymous comments have been enabled, at Sweetie's request.)


  1. Let me welcome you to the world of blogging - warning, you can get addicted!

    Wow, your trip sound so exciting. Enjoy and take lots and lots of photos!!!

    Lea White

  2. Don't worry -- taking lots and lots of photos is not going to be a problem!

  3. Bon Voyage and Jules be nice to Crispin it's a long flight when you have to sit next to someone, even if he is your husband! He is isn't he;)?????? Anyhoo have a great time both of you and see you safely on your return - Chrissie