Friday, November 28, 2008

A Naughty Fox from Sherwood Forest (Wednesday 26 November at 9.30pm)

Today we visited Sherwood Forest - only a few of the old oak trees remain from Robin Hood's era but we did find another new friend whom we have called Robin Fox!

Things were a little rocky between Robin Fox and Crispin to start off with as Robin was very naughty and stole a kiss from me - words were exchanged!!

Needless to say I managed to convince Binky that Robin should join our collection of "refugees" regardless and so we now have quite a crowd on board....they all seem to be getting along even Peter and Robin, though Binky does seem a little suspicious of Mr Fox though.

See piccies for Robin Fox and his band of merry men/Women!

Maid Sweetie signing out and off to bed myself :o)