Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shivers in Scotland!!

Well it's cold here - damn cold!!! The merino wool thermals got broken in yesterday and boy am I glad we had them.

Yesterday we had a big sleep in - I think we both needed it but especially Crispin. It was nice for him to get a day off driving as we had 2 nights here in Edinburgh.

We got the bus into Edinburgh around 2pm after I had cooked Crispin a bacon and egg brunch - just scrambled eggs for me - and went to Edinburgh castle. The castle was magnificent, though I do get so annoyed with the fact that it gets dark so early here and the afternoons just go so quickly. We left the castle at 5pm and it was virtually pitch black!! We didn't get a chance to see the Scottish crown jewels but we did get a pretty good look around and the most amazing part for me was the fact that it sits right on the edge of a cliff face - pretty damn good defence system if you ask me!

We then went to the Edinburgh Woollen Mill and got a proper tartan blanket from Scotland - it was more expensive that I expected or really wanted to spend but it was authentic and made from wool...we may need it in Inverness tonight!

We made a pitstop at Waitrose for some more groceries and then got the bus back to the campsite. We got back about 7pm - did some washing and then had a lovely dinner - chicken casserole for Crispin and a beautiful chicken and leek soup for me - and retired to bed.

We were actually nice and warm overnight but this morning we got up and the front windscreen is all iced up and there is frost all over the grass. I had trouble getting Crispin out of bed as he wanted to hibernate but he is up now and we are going to head off to Loch Ness and Inverness shortly.

We have managed to get a 7 day internet pass from the Caravan Club and as we are pretty much all at Caravan Club Sites from now on (apart from one day) we should have fairly regular internet access.

Right off we go to even colder weather - we may even need to break the snow chains out - hooray!!

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