Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shakespeare and football (Thursday 20 November at 8pm)

Juliette: Well we got started early this morning and headed to Stratford-upon-Avon....more shopping ensued once we arrived as I saw a lovely Christmas reindeer in the window of a shop that I just HAD to have and then just around the corner was a Swarovski shop - happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

Shakespeare's birthplace was very interesting and the buildings themselves were lovely...I had some fun posing for photo's in the garden too :o) Unfortunately they didn't allow photos to be taken inside which was a shame but my favorite was the outside so I wasn't too worried though poor Crispin had to suffer camera withdrawal for about 15 minutes lol.

We took a walk down to the river Avon which was marred a little by all the construction going on - the same thing was happening in Bath - I guess as it's technically the "off" season they are trying to get a lot of things done.

We then headed back to the Park and Ride - which we had been able to use this time as they had a special area set up just for motorhomes - we could have kissed the attendant!!

Then off we went to Liverpool for the sole purpose (not mine by the way) of visiting Anfield. I'll let Crispin tell you all about that!!

Crispin: I've supported Liverpool Football Club ever since the first time I sat down to watch a match with my Grandad on the television. His team (can't remember which one, one of the London teams I think) was playing, so I decided to support the other team, which happened to be Liverpool (this was back in the days of Peter Beardsley, Ian Rush, and John Barnes).

Since we were over 'ere, and were travelling north, I decided that we might as well make a pilgramage to Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC (at least, until they move to their new digs sometime between now and 2010). We ran amok in the club's shop -- spent several hundred dollars there (including a club shirt, scarf and beanie for me). I wanted to go on the stadium tour, but was just a little bit late (the last ones were admitted about five minutes before I got there), so I had to settle for a quick tour of the museum, which was still pretty interesting. Lots of old club strips, displays on the big managers (Bill Shankly through to Kenny Dalglish) and players (Kevin Keegan, Roger Hunt, Roy Yeats), memorials to the Hillsborough 96, and lots and lots of silverware!

After leaving Anfield about 4:30, we headed up to Southport where we're staying at the Willowbank camping grounds -- we thought it was a good choice, since we like its namesake in Tawa -- but so far, I think the best grounds were the Old Oaks Touring Park in Glastonbury. Got here about 5:30, and got settled in for the night. Cooked dinner (setting off the smoke alarm several times!), and had a look through some of the souvenir books we've picked up (like "Shakespeare in a Nutshell", summarising each of the Bard's 34 plays in rhyming verse).

Starting to feel a bit sleepy now, so might be time to get off to bed. One thing's for certain, we'll definitely appreciate the superking-sized bed back home, after having to cram into double-sized beds since we got to Abingdon!

Juliette: And don't worry boys, I am making Crispin drive back to Liverpool FC in the morning so he can go on his beloved stadium tour - can't have him make us come all the way via Liverpool to not go inside the damn stadium!

Right, off to bed with us as we will need to be up and at-'em early to go back to Liverpool then on to Edinburgh via the Aquarium of the Lakes near Lake Windermere.

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