Friday, December 5, 2008

San Diego

Well, I didn't get back to sleep after the last entry, so lay awake until 5:30 before deciding to get up, have a shower and get dressed.

Lugged all the bags down to the reception, checked-out and got to the front doors a couple of minutes before the bus arrived to take us to San Diego. It's a long road trip -- about two-and-a-half hours -- but we did get a chance to get out and stretch our legs at Anaheim (wandered around a shopping mall looking for somewhere to get something to drink, but everything was closed).

We got the Catamaran Resort Hotel on 10am, and checked in. There was a message from Auntie Denny to call her on Carina's (my cousin's) cellphone. We've got a nice view, and the room is pleasant (though I'm not sure why we're in a room with two double beds, instead of one queen or king-size). We're meeting Denny and Carina for lunch soon -- Denny mentioned something about going into San Diego's Old Town.

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