Monday, December 8, 2008

Back in Los Angeles

Got all packed up yesterday , and the Lux Bus picked us up at 11:15am. Bus was bigger than last time -- a proper mini-bus, and took us up the I-5 to Anaheim. The place we're staying at -- Carousel Inn & Suites -- has a driveway that's too small for the bus, so we got dropped off at the inn and suites next door, and the driver helped us drag our bags around to the Carousel. Our room wasn't ready, so they put our bags in a secure room, and we had lunch at a nearby Quiznos (sort of like an Italian Subway), then went walkabout.

The road we're on is lined with hotels, and as we walked down the street, just about every driveway had people who tried to sell us timeshares (right up until they found out we weren't US citizens). We're just around the corner from the Anaheim Garden Walk shopping centre (where we briefly stopped on Thursday morning), but this time, everyone was open. Quite a few boutique shops, and Juliette found a few items she liked in one called Fresh Produce.

We got back to the hotel about 4pm, and took our bags up to our room. After the Catamaran, this hotel is a little disappointing. The wifi wasn't working, they don't provide cutlery or crockery in the room, the microwave didn't have a platter, and I had to go back down to reception to get the key to the room safe. Once again, we have a double bed each, and the swimming pool isn't that big -- not really big enough for a swim. But it is just across the road from Disneyland -- we just have to walk up the road to the pedestrian crossing -- sorry, crosswalk -- and we're there.

We went back out after getting settled, and got some supplies from a 7-11. About 9pm, a fireworks display opened up. We couldn't see them directly (though we could see the reflection in another building's windows), but we could definitely hear them.

Weather here is cooler than San Diego (thank goodness!). Today we're going to Disneyland after breakfast. The wifi seems to have been repaired (though it's still intermittant), so we'll be able to keep the blog updated.

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