Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blimmin' Murphy strikes again!

Had to happen. Opened the curtains this morning, and the view across Sail Bay was amazing. Hardly a cloud in the sky, brilliant sunshine. So I pulled out my camera to take a photo.

"No Memory Card".

Odd. Opened the camera, and its memory card had been partially ejected. Strange, it's never done that before. I pushed the card back into place.

"Memory Card Error".

Nuts. It's my 1GB card. Oh well, have to revert to a smaller one.

"Memory Card Error".

Uh-oh. Two memory cards, but the same error suggests a problem with camera itself. Tried formatting the card, tried resetting the camera. Same error message.

Called Sony technical support. Got through real quick, but the only things they could suggest that I could do myself involved formatting the card and resetting the camera. No dice. Only way to fix this problem now is to take it in for servicing. Which takes 7-10 working days. From the day that it's received by the actual servicer. By which time, we'll be back in New Zealand.

Juliette's teasing me by saying that it's my way of getting a new camera, but I'm really annoyed. Hopefully we'll be able to get some sort of temporary replacement like a disposable camera, but they're unlikely to be digital.

Anyway, we popped out to the local laundrette (the hotel's laundry service charge per item, and I'll be darned before I pay $3 for a pair of socks). While waiting for the machine to finish, we went down the road to the Mission and had pancakes for breakfast (and what pancakes! easily a half-inch thick!). I'm currently sitting back in the laundrette, waiting for the drying to finish, and using the laundrette's free wifi to post this.

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