Friday, December 5, 2008


Denny and Carina arrived around 1pm, and took us to the Old Town Mexican Cafe for lunch. I had the Gordo Burrito, which was an absolutely huge burrito packed with beef, beans, lettuce, and guacamole -- so large, I couldn't finish it. To wash it down, I had a margarita, something I've never tried before: very different, but very nice.

Afterwards, we ended up at the Fashion Valley Mall. As expected, Bloomingdale's was horrifically expensive, and we didn't dare look into places like Saks Fifth Avenue or Herm├ęs. They also had stalls set up along the main thoroughfare, and we picked up a number of items before getting to JC Penny's at the other end.

Afterwards, we headed out to another mall, and stumbled across a Petco -- think Animates writ large. We found some neat toys for the pets (Juliette insisted that they had to have toys from each country we visited), but by now I was feeling very, very sleepy.

Tomorrow, we'll go to Sea World, then meet Denny, Carina and Alex (my other cousin) for dinner. But now, I'm going to collapse into bed.

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